Joel Lommock's Photos
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Baby Boo and Patches Too!
2012-08-31 23:34:57

Comfy in his comforter-Scruggs got elf ears
2012-10-31 23:21:25

Harry Potter's Moonlight Quidditch
2011-10-18 00:16:52

Movie poster Scruggs!
2013-09-30 23:26:38

Private Bucky
2012-01-01 00:22:34

Said the night winds to the little lambs: Do you see what I see?
2011-11-09 02:15:32

Scfruggs puts the Ham in Hammock
2012-05-26 05:00:42

Scruggsy in the pot of gold for Saint Rat Tricks Day
2012-03-21 22:45:29

Snaucy: Pumpkin Carving Champion of the World!
2012-09-29 07:10:03

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