Rat Items 0 item(s)

Fun and Functional items for your favorite fancy pet rats. Clothes, Agility Equipment, Hammocks, Rattie Caddies, Books and more. You won't find a pet with the same great attributes as a Fancy Pet Rat, and you won't find more interesting items for your great pet than right here!

We do make and sell many cute items for all types small animals. Our Fancy Rat outfits/clothes/costumes are BIG sellers and really cute on the animals. All of the items you see I designed and made the pattern for myself. I made them first for my own animals. Everyone told me I should offer the same type of outfits I make for my animals for sale, so here they are. Sorry, I do not sell my patterns, please do not ask. PLEASE check back often.

Each item sold is new and never used or been around any other animals. The photos you see of the animals with, on or in our products are items that my animals own. The items I sell are items I use an make for my own animals... so all the items have been rat-tested.

SHIPPING: We try to keep our shipping and handling as low as we can. Shipping and handling includes not just the cost of the stamps on the package. It also includes the information sent with the product, envelopes, tape, time to pack and trip to the post office.

Please note: If you see something you like, buy it now. I may or may not have that same print or type of fabric in stock and fabric stores do not keep the same fabric long... so I may or may not have the items long.

Also Note: All items sold are non returnable or refundable. We describe our items as well as we possibly can and also show a photo. All our items are tried and true on ratties. If there is a problem with the craftsmanship of an item it will be replaced with as close to the same as we can replace it with.

We have found, in the past, that some people only want it use our items for photos and then return them... this and the fact that once "outside ratties" have worn or used our items there is a possibility of bringing in diseases to our ratties here at Marna's Menagerie if used by our or anyone else's ratties. We just will not take that chance. Thanks for understanding.

patchescheesehead 2006-01-04.jpgSmall Animal Items

Don't miss our small animal items! Items for your mouse, guinea pig, hamster and other small animal friends.

Rat Accessories, Wearables and More 49 item(s)

Rat accessories for your rat! Beds, Books, Rattie Caddies, and more.
Also Rattie Stuff for People to Wear, Baby Bibs, Scarves, Christmas Stockings with Rat Cut Outs and more.

Rat Hats 139 item(s)

Rats and hats just go together. Nothing is cuter than a rat wearing a hat!
Come look, we offer Tri Fold Pirate Hats, Easter Bonnets, Santa Hats, Raga Hats, Wedding Veils and more!!

Rat Clothing-Costumes-Outfits 268 item(s)

Dresses, coats, costumes,outfits, clothes, hand crocheted rat sized sweaters and more. Dress your rat for success!

Rat Dolls and Collectibles 15 item(s)

Rat Dolls and other Fun Collectibles.

Rat Jewerly 60 item(s)

Looking for some fun jewelry? Check this out.

Last Laugh Line 20 item(s)

This is our Last Laugh Line. We hope you get a kick out of it.
We also call it the HaHa Snakey Line

This line of products is dedicated to the ratties that were rescued from becoming snake food.....and for owners with a keen sense of humor. I use snake and cat print fabrics to make up items for rattie comfort. I have written a little HaHa Snakey poem and hope you get a laugh out of it.

If the line bothers you, please check out other categories. We have great items for ratties and try to appeal to most rattie lovers.

Our Last Laugh Line items are made new and have never been used....although my own ratties like the prints as much as I do. LOL

The Last Laugh Line

HaHa Snakeys

I once was meant to be food,
For a slimy and slippery brood.
As I awaited the fate,
You came, and not a minute too late.
Now I live in your house,
Sometimes inside your blouse
I also live in your heart
Cause you gave me a new and fresh start
I dream of your love
And thank God up above
you came on that day
and took me away.

So now in the comfort of your warm and nice home,
I cuddle in snake skin as you talk on the phone.
HaHa Snakey, you did not get me,
but your snake skin now gives comfort you see.

HaHa Snakeys, You did not get me!!!

Agility Equipment 41 item(s)

Small Animal Agility Equipment. These items are fun for your small animals not only to learn agility, but if you are not teaching an agility course small animals love these items in their cages to play on or with.

We will be adding new items to this category as we can....check back often. Be sure to check the Accessories Category at this site for more Rat Agility Equipment

Key Chains and other Kooool Stuff 8 item(s)

Fun Keychains with animal themes as well as items that are unique and needed a catagory

Bags, Totes & Purses 11 item(s)

Bags, Totes and Purses with a rat/small animal theme

Holiday Ornaments 9 item(s)

These ornaments can be hung on a tree, or hung from any area you would like to decorate, including your rear view mirror in your vehicle, but they are breakable. Each of these ceramic ornaments were painted by Marna. Each one is a One of a Kind.

SHIPPING AND HANDLING: At The Agile Rat we do try to keep shipping and handling charges as low as we can. The ornaments however will require a bit more shipping and handling charges because of the way they will be wrapped safely to ship to you. However, our shipping charges are still only charged once on an order.

Rescues 2 item(s)

This category is for upcycled or vintage/antique items that are made in the shape of a rattie or mouse or such. It may be a statue or salt and pepper shakers or other item that I knew someone would love to own.

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