Cat Agility

Cat, Kitty, Kitten, Feline Agility! Yes. It is a 'thing'. Cats can not only be trained, they Compete. There are mother clubs that host Cat Agility with all the same types of Agility Equipment as dogs use, only cat sized.

Mrs. Dillon Teeter Totter First Time 2016-08-11

Training your cat is not as hard as you might think.

I have a whole page set up on for Cats Agility and Cat Tricks, information on DIY, Building Your Own Agility Equipment or using other items that are easy and FREE to come by.

Also on that page I have Crafts for Kitty. From Toys to Beds to Sweaters.

Our Split Face Kitty named Harlequin 2016-08-06

We also have a X-Inactivation Mosaicism cat, that is ~ Split Face Color Cats, we also have ~ Bi Eyed Cats, so I have photos and information on those factors on that website too. We in Rabbits know about Harlequins... but did you know that the genes are 'fixing' in cats too? I have more photos on that site.

Pool Noodle Cat Toy Craft

If you enjoy Crafts, or are like me and LOVE both Crafts and Animals, you might like our Cat Crafts...easy to make, loved by animals. Some of the crafts there could also be used for Rabbits.

Mrs. Dillon Sit Wear Play 2016.08.24

If you have cats like we do, including Barn Cats, you might enjoy reading about how we Trick Train our Kitties.

The contents of this page for Cat Agility is still under construction. We often add more as we train and take photos over the years of training animals. Please check back later.

-- The The Agile Rat Team
Sun, 28 Aug 2016 11:25:59 -0400

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