What To Bring To An Event

When you go to a rat event you should always bring a small sturdy cage with a secure lock for your rat. Bring a bit of your rats regular diet, a fresh vegetable snack, some treats for encouraging your rats to "play" and a water bottle with water (take this off the cage for the drive so that it does not leak in your cage). You should also bring a zip lock baggie full of clean bedding so that if your rats bedding would get soiled, wet or otherwise needing changing you would be prepared. Never bring more rats then you can safety handle by yourself. Others will have their hands full with their own rats as well as be helping with the event, never assume someone will be there to help with extra rats you bring. Always bring your good humor. You have an agenda, your rat does not, it does not care about winning or impressing anyone... you will always need to bring your good humor.

You should always wear comfortable clothing and you probably don't want to wear a shirt that your rat can't be (read chew) on. Running shoes could prove to be important. Just remember, many times at these events pictures are taken for websites and sometimes the group will go out for a bite to eat after an event so don't wear your "barn clothes" either Wink You may also want to bring a snack and drink for yourself; sometimes, if several rats are present, the event may last longer then first anticipated.

Check ahead of time with Rat Agility Events hosts, you may need to bring a chair to sit in with you from home.

Unruly children (or for that matter, adults) are NOT welcome at a Rat Agility Event and if you bring them you may be asked to leave. Rat Agility is about the rats. Loud noises and fast movement will NOT be tolerated by the Event Hosts or the Events Judge.

Dogs, cats, birds, snakes, reptiles or any other types of animals other then Rats or other invited Rodents are NOT welcome at a Rat Agility Event.

You are responsible for all of your own personal safety, the safety of your family and other guests that you bring with you as well as all of your property while at a Rat Agility event. Keep your purses and other personal and rat items with you.

WarningYou alone are responsible for you and your rat's health, welfare and safety.

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