Agility Equipment


SIX PIECE RAT AGILITY EQUIPMENT SET. Each piece is hand crafted.

Each piece (well, ones just like these) have been rat tested for stability, safety and fun for the ratties to run over them, through them, ext. I have all the same equipment and it not only works well, my rats have a good time running the course.

This set includes a BALANCE BEAM that is approx. 19 1/4" long and 6" high. This is an all wood piece.

It also has a FENCE JUMP. The fence jump is part plastic and this will help keep shipping costs down. The jump is approx. 7 1/2" wide and 6" high.

The TEETER TOTTER is complete and ready for use. It is approx. 15 3/4" long and 3" wide. It is all wood. Hand cut, hand sanded, hand painted.

It also comes with a cute BAR JUMP. The Bar Jump comes apart and it is all wood. To put the Bar Jump together for Rattie use, just slip the snug fitting bars into the uprights. The Bar Jump is approx 6" tall and 7" wide.

An OPEN TUNNEL is a ratties delight. This one is hand crocheted in a variegated yarn, green/blue/yellow. Washable by hand or in the machine, let stand to dry.

A CLOSED TUNNEL completes this fun set. The Closed Tunnel is Polar Fleece and washable in the machine or by hand, let stand to dry.

*All wood pieces were hand crafted, hand cut and hand sanded as well as hand painted.

*The pieces have been hand painted in the colors you see per set. They could easily be sprayed or hand brushed if you chose to do so after the set arrives to you.

*This set is heavy and we try to keep shipping and handling as reasonable as we possibly can.

*Shipping costs are only for the Lower Continental USA only. All others contact us for options and costs.

*Items are shipped UPS only. Please do not ask for other shipments, we live in a very small town area, access to other shipping is very limited, if even available.

*If you see a set you want, my advise is not to wait to buy it. Because of the time requirements to make these sets, I am not sure how often they will be available. We are not at this time (again, because of time requirements) taking orders for these sets. We can however tell you that as the sets are made up they will be available for sale on our sites. Please keep revisiting if you are interested. Drop me a line if you are interested in a set and I will try to send you an email as they are listed at the site for sale.

*Many of the pieces of this set are not offered individually because of the cost of shipping. We have no control over shipping and handling covers the items and time needed for shipping this item to you.

*We have worked hard, and taken less then minimum wage, to keep these prices down to further the sport. Prices may rise at any time.

*NO OTHER ANIMALS HAVE BEEN ON OR AROUND THE ITEMS YOU WILL BE BUYING. The photos are of my animals on my set of the same type equipment. The items for sale are new and have never been used. I am sure your ratties will have as much fun with their Agility Equipment Set as my rattie does our set.

***Our items are not refundable or returnable. Not only can ratties germs be spread by using an item, we have found that some people, believe it or not, just would love to have our items for photos and then return them.....I don't think so!! If there is a craftsmanship error, each of our items is handcrafted so there will be a bit of imperfections, we are happy to replace the item with one that matches the retruned item as close as possible.

This heavier item will ship for a higher flat rate of $17.00 to the USA. Lighter items can be included at no additional shipping costs. Your shopping cart will show your shipping costs and total based on the items in it.

This product is currently out of stock.

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